Suess Family Background

Some images and details of family ancestry were kindly provided by Alice Whiting. Thanks too to Deborah Weaver for supplying some important events.

Some Important Events
  • Max Suess was assigned patents in 1883 for Processes of Decorating Glass by Sand-Blast, Machines for Decorating Glass and the Like (1892), and the Method of Making Ornamental and other Designs in Relief (1885)
  • M Suess Ornamental Glass Co. 1886 also known as Suess Ornamental Glass Co.
  • It appears initially the company was called Chicago Stained Glass Works, changed to Suess Stained Glass Works, incorporated December 6, 1889. 
  • The first fire, 1886. There was a company Suess Stained Glass Works at 216 East Lake Street, Chicago, owner Max Suess.  A 13 or 14 year old glass sign cleaner named Louis Pfeiffer lit a pipe with a match and threw the match on the table or some place around.  After coming in contact with accelerent, a fire started.  He tried to put out the fire and burned his hands.  But the whole place went up.  Afraid for his job, he did not claim responsibility at the time.  This is per an affadavit from Louis Pfeiffer. 
  • Max Suess became a US Citizen on August 30, 1887 (previous citizenship in Germany).  He learned his trade while in Austria or Germany.
  • The second fire. Details below.
  • All stock in M Suess Ornamental Glass Company was sold over to the Max Suess Ornamental Glass Company October 20, 1908

Max Suess
President, Suess Ornamental Glass Co.

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Walter Juno Suess
Walter Suess, son of Max, was thought to have been the driving force behind the innovative and unusual range of leaded glass lighting from Suess Ornamental Glass Co
Some unverified Suess Family Ancestry (courtesy Alice Whiting)
Max had 3 siblings, Rosa, Lulu and Philip. Max married Emelie. They had a house on Powers Lake Wisconsin that was later sold by Viola. Emelie died July 26th, 1951 in New Jersey, Max died of influenza in 1904.Together they had 4 children, Max Jr., Walter, Rose and Viola.

Max Jr. had 4 children, the youngest son, name unknown, being the father of a descendant who is still living today.

Walter, date of birth November 24th 1883, died in the 1908 factory fire. No children.

Rose, married but died in early middle-age.

Viola, born in 1900. Produced at least one child, Allen Suess Whiting who later married to Alice. They produced at least one descendant who is still living today.

Philip Suess, the brother of Max, produced a son, also named Max (1891 - 1951). At some point, this Max went to live in Germany where he married. He had at least 3 children.

A son, who died in the war,

Centa, a daughter who produced a daughter who is presumed to still be alive today.

Irmgard, a daughter who produced a son, Gerhard Tischler.


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Along with a number of other employees, Walter died in a tragic fire which started in an adjoining building, and ultimately consumed Suess Ornamental.

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One of many Chicago area newspapers reporting the fire in May of 1908