Miscellaneous Information

An early patent for machinery that probably was used in the production of the flat glass products.

An interesting advert dated October 1909, showing the revised name, post 1908 fire. Location now Maywood Illinois.

The massive Suess Grape Table lamp. This is a pretty rare shade. This base has appeared on other non-grape shades however, perhaps as marriages as the grape motif would suggest that it belongs with this shade.

(Image ©Martin May 2011, All rights Reserved)
So far, it seems that there were at least 10 catalogs issued by the company, copies circulate today and are extremely rare. If you know of, or have others than those llisted below, please contact me so I can update this list.
  • May 1900. Catalog Number 6. Art Glass, Beveled Glass & Leaded Window Glass. Hand Colored.
  • Feb 1904. Catalog Number 4. Ornamental chipped Glass, Art Sand Blasted designs.
  • 1905. Catalog Number x. A mix of windows and Art Glass Shades.
  • 1906. Catalog Number 10. Art Glass Shades and Domes. Hand Colored.
  • 1908. Catalog Number xx. Panel Lamps