Charles Parker Company (Attr.)

The design is repeated around the entire shade, with a total of 16 separate flowers. The shade is 16" in diameter and 8" deep, and the lamp stands 22" tall. These sorts of shades are more difficlut to fabricate (since these pieces had to be bent before the shade could be assembled), and only the better makers used them. This is attributed to Charles Parker simply because of the base. It has a prominent makers mark on the outside edge that looks like CPCo (Big C surrounding a P with an intertwined Co through it). I am unfamiliar with this mark, but that is the only company that comes to mind with these particular initials. The base is made out of solid cast white metal and is quite heavy and sturdy. It has all of its original dark green finish and is in excellent original condition. It also has its original sockets (labeled with a big "E" and an arrow.....which is the symbol for the Arrow Electric Company