Dragonfly Leaded Glass Lampshade on a Bronze, Mosaic Favrile Glass and Turtle-Back Tile Table Base

The Christies's auction of December 14th, 1985, items from the Joel Schur collection.

The hemespherical shade with a band of nine inverted dragonflies at the lower irregular rim, their abdomen in mottled green with filigreed orange and green wings and red eyes, the orange ground streaked with green and set with gold and amber glass jewels, impressed TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK 1507, several sections of the shade with additional layers of glass on the interior; the baluster base inset with a band of eight gold turtle-back tiles at the shoulder above alternating panels of gold mosaic tesserae shading to green at the foot, impressed TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK 5858, with internal illumination. 22" diameter, 33 1/4" high.