Duffner & Kimberly Flaming Sword Table Lamp

Duffner & Kimberly flaming sword leaded glass lamp. It measures 22.5" high and approximately 16.5" across. This lamp is documented in several areas. It is shown on page 216 in Paul Crist's book "Mosaic Shades". It is also shown in an original duffner catalog which is shown in one of the pictures. It is described as model 310 in the catalog. This is one of the Duffner theme lamps with matching base & shade. The pattern in the main part of the shade is replicated in the base.

I've tried to show different angles of the shade in the pictures. The varying shades of green play against each other well. The 3 socket base lines up perfect with the shade. It has a great original patina. Heat cap and finial are original and as shown in the catalog.