Duffner & Kimberly Louis XV Table Lamp

From a Lamps & Artglass auction.

This lamp is the cornerstone of any Duffner & Kimberly collection. Probably the most heavily advertised Duffner lamp made. It is found in at least 3 different ads dating 1906 in House Beautiful and Country Life in America. This impressive lamp measures 22" in diameter and stands 28" tall. The shade is one that needs to be studied. It shades from light to dark from top to bottom. Even more interesting, each piece of glass shades also. With that said, take another look at the shade. Each floral pattern is sunken and flares out at the ends. A geometric pattern extends out and a band of bronze work akin to French furniture extends down. The pattern then repeats. The integrated bronze cap has amazing detail. The bronze signed Duffner base is original to the shade and exactly as shown in the ads. Original matched gold dore finish. This is an important piece of early American lighting.

Diameter 22"
Height 28"

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