Duffner & Kimberly Pompeian Table Lamp

illustrated in the original Duffner & Kimberly 1906 catalog as design #503. The lamp measures 16.5" in diameter and stands 22" tall. The geometrics at the top are a deep, swirling green/yellow/brown. These are separated by a bright green the comes down and fans out at the flowers. The flowers are done with a vibrant streaky orange. The leaves are done in the same glass as the bright green at the top. The great thing about early Duffners is the shading. The shade from a dark at the top to a lighter version of the same glass at the bottom. It is done masterfully.

The base is a bulbous 4 legged supported by an intricate platform with a 4 socket cluster on top with all original, early 2 screw Harvey Hubbell sockets with acorn pulls.