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All material presented in this web site is copyright of the original owners. If you have information relevant to this site, please e-mail Colin so that it might be included or corrected.

If you feel that some of the lamps in this site are incorrectly attributed, please take the time to indicate which, and why you think so. Most of the pages dedicated to specific lamps carry the original poster's description, not mine. In cases where the description is clearly incorrect, I am still reluctant to change it, largely to avoid liability issues when the lamp has previously been sold as one attribution, yet subsequently changed to be something else after the sale. Attributing a maker to a specific shade is a slippery business and always causes debate, even among experts.

I would like to thank Paul Crist for sharing his opinions on many of the shades appearing on this website. With the publishing of Mosaic Shades, we are now much better equipped to not only to make better informed attributions, but to understand the historic, artistic and economic perspectives of this fasinating area of study.

Based in Rochester, New York. In my spare time, I have been making lamps and developing websites for a number of years. Photo Of The Author.

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