Gorham Table Lamp

Exceptional Gorham leaded glass lamp with bronze base. Gorham lamps are made at a quality level on par with some of the best names such as Handel, Tiffany, Duffner and Kimberley, etc.

Typical of Gorham quality is the exceptionally fine lead lines which was achieved by beveling the pieces on a curve so that they have the finest/thinnest lines.

The base is bronze with light verdigris patination throughout. The heavy bronze brings the total weight of the lamp to approximately 14 lbs. Even the original Hubbell sockets continue the patination. The sockets are 1903 4 patent date (Aug.11th 1896, May 8th 1900, July 30th 1901 and Feb.18th 1902) and are labeled "Harvey Hubbell" with no "Inc" The acorn pulls are the early heavy (solid) style with flat tip. This information may date the lamp more towards 1903 or 1904. The cap on the top of the shade is an unusually large design (2 1/2" wide and 1/2 lb) that matches the foliage and patination of the base and is itself solid bronze.

Approximately 20.5" tall and 16" width to the shade.