Duffner & Kimberly Lamp

Duffner and Kimberly. American H 25.5 in. D 18.0 in Year: 1906-1908 An American Art Nouveau table lamp by Duffner and Kimberly. The shade is a modified Roman design incorporating a fleur de lis style on four sides. The shade tapers in at the edge and is in a rare red and green color. Truly outstanding is the totality of this piece. The base is #517. This base mold was later sold to Wilkinson NY for their use from 1909-1915, and it can be found with their shades. The difference between them is in the foot of the base: Duffner used four circular feet, where as, Wilkinson used four larger circular indentations common to many of their lamp bases. This Duffner base has a rare shade tag on the stem. The three-light socket cluster is a smaller angled design, typical in their pieces under 18 inches in diameter. The use of the heart design in the socket hardware is another upside to this lamp and indicates this piece was upscale in quality. Heat cap and finial are original and the heat cap is stamped 532C.

OPINION: Rare Red Duffner in near perfect condition; there are only a couple of pieces of glass with heat cracks and the shade is solid. The shade fits the base very snugly, not like other Duffner's where the shade has some give on the socket cluster.