Gorham Table Lamp

The diameter of the shade is 14" and it is 6 1/2" tall.

The 1 3/4" opening at the top of the shade is a Gorham trademark and it's obvious the shade design was inspired by the base as they blend together perfectly.

The detail of the base and cap is sharp and crisp along with a bronze patina that is extraordinarily rich and beautiful. The original Hubbell sockets work perfectly and it has been rewired with a period cloth wrapped cord and plug end.

The base diameter is 7 3/4" and it stands 19 1/2" tall. It is apparent that a lot of thought went into the layout of colors when designing the shells of the shade. When the lamp is not lit there are different shades of peach, green with striations of white, blue with hints of grey along with several small pieces of white glass. When the lamp is illuminated the colors tend to change. The shades of peach blend together adding more definition to the shell design. The striations of white in the green glass lesson and appear as a lighter green. The blue glass with hints of grey leans more to blue with hints of green. The lower part of the shade is slightly turned under further enhancing it's design.