Bigelow & Kennard Sunflower Lamp on Grueby Pottery Base

Bigelow & Kennard Leaded Glass Sunflower Lamp on Grueby Pottery Base.

Six vertical leaves and buds under a rich, feathered matte green glaze, mounted with a Bigelow & Kennard shade with green leaf-forms cascading over a burgundy, green amber and purple vertical forms, mounted on a teak stand, (spider lager than the shade), Height 23", diameter 18"

(Ed. Other examples of this design are this website, in both 18" and 24" diameters. So far there have been at least 2 color types: Rich brown / green leaves at the top with amber petals, and the other type has bold green leaves with white petals. Several exaples of both types are represented on this website.)