Wilkinson Floral Table Lamp

This is a large floral Wilkinson leaded lamp with a beautiful leaded shade and wonderful large Wilkinson base. The floral shade is unmistakable Wilkinson with great glass, the upper and lower brick boarder glass match and alternate between an iridescent green to clear and multicolor brown swirl. The background glass is a beautiful streaky green to white glass that really sets off the floral leafs and flowers. The flower bulbs have so many colors even within each piece of glass, including peach, strawberry, orange, pink and subtle color in-between. The leafs also have multiple colors of streaky blues, greens, pinks and oranges that are really distinguished between the background, boarder and flowers. The shade is in excellent shape with only a few tight hairline pieces of glass, it measures 19” in diameter and 8.5” deep. The Wilkinson base is spectacular, it is one of their best, it has three acorn pull sockets and measures 25” to top of finial. The original patina and color on this base is wonderful, this is a very heavy base, it is marked on the bottom # 323 with it’s original base plate and nut.