Dragonfly Leaded Glass Lampshade on a Bronze, Mozaic Favrile Glass and Turtle-Back Tile Table Base

The Christies's auction of December 14th, 1985, items from the Joel Schur collection.

The hemispherical shade with a band of nine inverted dragonflies at the lower irregular rim, their abdomens in mottled blue with filigreed turquoise wings and emerald green eyes, the green background shading to a brilliant purple-brown at the upper rim and set with sapphire blue and emerald green glass jewels, impressed TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK 1507; the baluster base inset at the shoulder with a band of eight green turtle-back tiles above alternating panels of midnight blue mosaic tesserae shading to green at the circular foot, impressed TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK (twice) 5858, with internal illumination. 22" diameter, 33 1/4" high.