Although online is a prime source of material, sometimes, the best and most exciting examples continue to come from private collections and dusty basements. If you have an interesting lamp or two that you would like to share with a wide, appreciative audience, then please get in touch. You can send me clean high resolution images, relatively uncluttered, and with any known details. If a road trip is feasible, I may be able to visit. Either way, you can remain as anonymous or as public as you wish with the copyright that I assign to your photos.


Most of the pages dedicated to specific lamps carry the original poster's description, not mine.
In cases where the description is clearly incorrect, I do change the attribution based on some degree of evidence. Attributing a maker to a specific shade is a slippery business and always causes debate, even among experts. Attributions on this website will always be subject to change as more records surface to justify it.


I am actively buying lighting trade catalogs and any other printed material of manufacturers, both known and yet to be discovered. Condition is relatively unimportant. I would also purchase photocopies of catalogs.


If you are looking to sell your leaded lamp, particularly those of high quality and rarity, I am usually able to find an interested buyer. Just contact me with specifics.

Many thanks!

Colin Hansford, Rochester, NY
Phone and text to (585)208-2118
Email: colinhansford@outlook.com

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