A Flowering Lotus Leaded Glass and Bronze Table Lamp

The Christies's auction of December 14th, 1985, items from the Joel Schur collection.

The domed shade decorated at the lower irregular rim with a fringe of yellow centered pink, purple, burgundy, and white water-lily blossoms and buds amongst streaked pale green leaves on elongated brown stems, the green and blue water in the background with sections of fractured glass, impressed TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK 344-2; the base designed as 8 overhanging stems rising from a central openwork cluster of marsh and lily pad leaves, impressed TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK 29555. 18" diameter, 26 1/4" high, greenish brown patina.

Model number 344 is described in the Tiffany Studios 1906 Price List as 'Pond Lily lamp and shade, large'. It has, however, been referred to by tradition as a 'Flowering Lotus'.