Tiffany Studios Hydrangea "Snowball" chandelier

From a Lamps & Artglass auction.

This lamp was taken down from a local estate. It is the exact chandelier that is pictured in Tiffany At Auction in picture #320. The glass is unmistakeable as you study the lamp and the picture. Also, 1 hook is slightly elongated exactly as shown in the book. The shade is signed Tiffany Studios New York and measures 28" in diameter. It is loaded with fractured (confetti) glass. When lit, it looks like under-growth coming through the flowers and leaves. The shade has heavily mottle examples of varying colors of glass. It is over the entire shade. The shadows you see are mottling and the fractured glass coming through from the back side. This is a very fine example. Ca 1910.

Diameter 28"