Tiffany Hydrangea Chandelier

A Tiffany Studios New York "Hydrangea" hanging flower cone chandelier. The pattern of this shade consists of large circular shapes, each of which is part of a cluster of twenty to thirty tightly knit tiny blossoms.

Because of the color carry-over between the pieces of glass and the recurring circular shapes, this lamp is exceptionally harmonious. The leaves are a vibrant green streaked with yellow.

The background is grey/green, streaked with blue, especially in places where the blossoms have a bluish tint. A similar shade is featured in “The lamps of Tiffany Studios,” P. 72-72, P.164-165 and The Lamps of Tiffany by Dr. Egon Neustadt, P. 112.
Artist: Tiffany Circa: 1900
Dimensions: 29½ '' diameter x 12'' high
Shade Signed: Tiffany Studios New York 617-6.

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