An Important Elaborate Peony Leaded Glass And Bronze Table Lamp

This lamp appeared in Christies December 1998 auction. 35 3/4" high, 21 3/4" diameter of the shade, with finial teh shade tag stamped TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK 1903, the base stamped TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK 439. This shade is listed in the Tiffany Studios 1913 price list as model no 1903 22" Peony, elaborate dome". By comparison with the more common 18" and 22" Peony shades, it would appear that this shade may depict a tree peony, as opposed to the more tame herbacceous variety known to most western gardeners. On further reflaction, it would seem more likely that Tiffany or one of his designers was remembering John LaFarge's windows Peonies Blown in the wind with Kakemono Border of which at least five were produced between 1882 and 1908. This shade does not represent a static plant as with most of Tiffany's shades, but flowers and leaves in motion.

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