Duffner & Kimberly Dragon

Paul Aimis

Duffner & Kimberly DragonAfter the Antiques Roadshow briefly reviewed a previously unknown example of the Duffner Dragon, attempts to get photos from the owners were unsuccessful, I never got a response. No doubt collectors and dealers were anxious to aquire it and after several months of waiting for it to surface, I got a call from Paul Aimis saying that he had indeed bagged it!

For those that read the Tucson newspaper article that covered the event, you may remember that it beonged to a gentleman, John Bessett and his son, John N. Bessett Jr. John Jr. stated "At one time, there were three of that same lamp in our family but we were told a house fire destroyed the other two". Since Paul's meeting with them, it was thought that the other 2 may have been smaller in size and therefore probably not Dragons.

Here is another web page where the story unfolded.

Thank you Paul for sharing these photos. This is clearly another superb shade with stunning glass.

The illustration at the left is from the 1906 Duffner & Kimberly catalog. Like most of the lamps in this catalog, it was a top of the line shade. As they appeared during 1906, they came to market as the appetite for larger complex and extremely expensive leaded shades was in decline.

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